About us

About us

Jin Ling Electronics connector has superb technology co-operation with Taiwan professional precision connectors connectors, terminal blocks and industrial cable assembly manufacturers, since the establishment of factories adhere to the specialized, automated approach to development, combined with sc...

Brand value

Shenzhen outstanding connector products "
"Top Ten Supplier"

Industry status

It won the "CCTV connector"
National high-tech enterprises, "the honorary title

R & D capability

Connectors full intellectual property rights, Control systems, electromagnetic connector data acquisition devices

Service network

Based on domestic and global
Perfect sales system and service network

JILN CompanyTo created brand,improve enterprise awareness,to be a pathfinder and leader in connector industry

Company Front Desk


Conference Room

front desk office 会议室


WorkshopProfessional precision connectors , terminal blocks and industrial cable assembly manufacture


Automatic workshop

 Automatic workshop

手工生产车间 自动生产车间 CCD


UL authorized laboratoryComplete testing equipments is the guarantee of the good proudct quality

Testing Equipments

Testing Equipments

Testing Equipments


Culturehard working,happy, to chieve the goal of team,to realized the dream of individuals

Team Building

JILN 10-years Brithday!Gratitude for ten years



Customer witness


Our value:Committed to providing competitive solutions and diversified products of high quality to customer



HD Coplanarity CCD Tester HD Coplanarity CCD Teste...

Amplification the product to testing flatness, deformation degree, plastic broken and terminal deformation,etc. [Detailed]

Mechanical Vibration Tester Mechanical Vibration Tes...

Checking the packaged product,test the packaging is meets the quality requirements of this products during the transportation. [Detailed]

SIM card plane detecting tester SIM card plane detecting...

testing flatness, deformation degree, plastic broken and terminal deformation of the product [Detailed]

Company news

Company news

The technology of electronic connectors and PCB

The technology of electronic c...

Connectors and printed circuit board is an important element in all electronic p...

Industry news

Industry news

The composition of electronic connectors and role

The composition of electronic ...

A. What is the connector Electronic connector unit referring to the connections ...


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